« I believe EMIMEO is a platform for students to interact with many professors and international students from different countries where we could learn skills »

« EMIMEO is one of the benefit Erasmus Mundus scholarship integrated program for students to gain collaborative knowledge in engineering science and technology.

My mobility track

In EMIMEO, the Mobility track was well designed by the administration. It was my privilege to be part of the first EMIMEO batch to explore the quality standards of education and training in the field of microwave electronics, optics, and photonics. According to my mobility path, my first semester was at the University of Limoges in France. Then I have moved to the University of Brescia in Italy for my second semester. I have a chance to select the university for the third semester which provides various kinds of courses among four different universities. I have selected the University of Brescia, for my third semester where I can learn new courses which are very interesting to develop my skills.

For my final semester, I have received many thesis options. I have chosen the topic of my thesis based on my interests in photonics, especially in metasurfaces. My thesis topic is designed to work on metasurfaces at the University of Brescia in collaboration with the University of Paris in France which allows me to learn fabrication techniques of metasurfaces. I have a chance to stay three months in Brescia, and three months in Paris for my final semester.

Management and accommodation

In EMIMEO, I am lucky to have our project manager Frederic Fabre who takes all the responsibilities of students in all aspects. Accommodation is most important for any student to settle in a new country during their mobility. I extend my sincere thanks to my project manager Frederic Fabre for helping us to get accommodation with contract and housing insurance. During my mobility, I have received a single room in Limoges. But in Brescia, it is difficult to get accommodation at the university residence. the vacancies at university residence in Brescia are few. Despite any reasons, the administration never failed to provide rooms to EMIMEO students with utmost priority. The administration at the University of Brescia is very concerned about the safety of students. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the University administration managed to provide a single room especially for all the EMIMEO students in Brescia and provides safety measures.

Studying in EMIMEO with the Covid-19 pandemic context

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online education platform like online classes & seminars was very disturbing and creates a lot of inconvenience to the students towards understanding the courses. EMIMEO came with the idea for the students to have recorded lectures and interactive online sessions with all the professors at the University of Brescia, Italy from the beginning of the pandemic. We can access the recorded lectures at any time. The professors gave freedom to have even one on one sessions at any available time for clarifying the doubts for each course. The University of Brescia has a remote access network for all the labs. We can access all the laboratories through remote access network servers which made even lab sessions very comfortable and convenient to access.

Improving my hard and soft skills

I believe EMIMEO is a platform for students to interact with many professors and international students from different countries where we could learn new technical skills. I could also enhance our soft skills to shape our work in a better way.  At EMIMEO, I learnt many technical oriented skills. Being with different kinds of students is an advantage to analyze our hidden soft skills which creates a good impact on our habits in our private daily life. »


Sravan Kumar Reddy Vuyyuru from India – EMIMEO student (Intake 01)