Support of those with special needs

Hosting students under disability

The reception service of each university provides information on the devices for students with disabilities. For example, they often benefit from a dedicated administrative reception, access to the premises, teaching aids (tutoring, support, note-takers, etc.) or techniques. It is also possible to benefit from the help of an educational assistant. These educational assistants are responsible for welcoming and integrating disabled students to whom the Committee on the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH) has recognized the need for help. This assistance can concern the writing or the translation of the lessons, but also the management of the daily life. In French universities, health monitoring of students is provided by the university service of preventive medicine and health promotion (SUMPPS). It offers free prevention assessments, various services (vaccination or screening for example) or the care of some care for students with disabilities. 

All partners being public universities, they are equipped to receive and accommodate students with disabilities.

Accessible and considerate

The Welcome and Support Office for Students with Special Needs helps students with special needs integrate better into their student life, helps them pursue their studies and helps them with their professional integration.

An individual support

  • evaluate your needs during the individual interviews

  • help you in your efforts, whether they are administrative or legal (constitution of file lodged with Departments of Handicapped Persons, accessibility, suitable accommodation, etc.)

  • visit the premises, meet with the teaching, administrative and technical staff

  • find out about the rights and special provisions from which you may benefit

  • prepare for your exams (time surcharge, LSF communication interface, secretariat, accessibility…).