Appeal Procedure


All the applicants can appeal against the selection decision made by the Executive Committee.

Please, note that an appeal shall be done according to the local procedure at the University of Limoges.

The non-selected applicants will receive a letter of refusal with the instructions for the appeal procedure.

–  An ex gratia appeal, which must be submitted within two months of notification of this decision by email to the EMIMEP secretariat () or by post mail (Mme La Présidente de l’Université de Limoges – Hôtel de l’Université – 33, rue Fr. Mitterand, BP 23204 – 87032 Limoges cedex 01, France).

Once Secretariat receives the appeal form, the sender will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email. 

–  A contentious appeal, which must be submitted within two months of the notification of this decision by post mail or directly with the court reception. From December 1, 2018, this appeal can be filed online (Télérecours citoyens) on the website

The applicants can lodge a contentious appeal against a decision rejecting their ex gratia appeal.

–  It is deemed to have been rejected if they have not received a reply within two months of its receipt by the administration.

 –  Then, they have two months to file the legal appeal. If they are notified of an express decision within four months after your ex gratia appeal, they have two months from the notification of this express decision to file the contentious appeal.


Please, your letter of appeal shall contain the following information:

– First name/Last name

– Address

– E-mail

– Phone Number

– Application Number

– Message addressee

– Subject of the letter

– Description of the reason for the appeal.