Sravan’s personal experience at Cargèse metasurface conference

Recently, I have attended my first conference on the 1st Colloquium on the Physics and Applications of Metasurfaces in Cargèse, Corsica (France). The event was held from June 14th to 18th, 2021. My thesis supervisor Dr. Costantino De Angelis and EMIMEO provided me with the opportunity to attend the conference at Cargèse. I have experienced the conference atmosphere and its advantages. It helped me to develop my network with like-minded people and industry peers from a wide range of backgrounds.

This conference on metasurfaces, which was closely related to my master’s thesis defence titled « Design of a linear metalens with AlGaAs nanoantennas on a sapphire substrate ». I have learnt many things and improved my skills related to my research field. It allowed meeting the giant professors in my field. I also had an opportunity to talk to these professors one-on-one about what they are working on. Then, I received some advice to improve my work which enhances both professional and personal development.


I had the time to present my ideas and work to others by participating in a poster presentation on my master’s thesis. During that conference workshop, I developed my communication skills. It gave me a new perspective about my thesis project work differently as the professors asked many questions even though their areas of study are dissimilar. I’m glad to share that I have been awarded third place for my master’s thesis work poster presentation. This motivates me a lot towards my PhD goals and made it one of the special moments in my life. This conference workshop on metasurfaces provided an occasion to learn beyond my interest field.


There was a lot of fun, games, Gala Dinner, and esteemed debates at the conference, and I completely enjoyed it without any stress. I would like to personally thank my supervisor Dr Costantino De Angelis for providing me with the golden opportunity. The Cargèse conference created an enormous impression, and I would like to travel to more conferences in my academic career. Do not miss the moment to explore your skills and improve your knowledge by sharing your thoughts with many advanced researchers.